2 Signs Poor Ventilation Is Reducing Your Home Comfort

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When you walk through the front door of your Cactus, Texas, home in the evening, you want to feel comfortable and safe. Poor ventilation can get in the way of home comfort by reducing indoor air quality, or IAQ.

How Does Ventilation Work?

At its most basic, ventilation sifts stale air out of your home and introduces fresh, healthy air from outside. Your home might have several sources of fresh air, such as the fans in your bathroom and above your stove. Most homes also feature attic vents for fresh air.

If you don’t have enough ventilation, however, you might notice these two signs that something’s amiss.

Physical Symptoms

When poor ventilation plagues a home, occupants often experience physical symptoms. You might notice that your nose runs more often or that you get stopped up overnight. Itchy, watery eyes; sore throats; and skin rashes can all result from inadequate fresh air.

These symptoms can have other causes, of course, which is why we recommend a professional inspection. Our trained technicians know how to check ventilation and decide how to correct the issue.

Home Issues

In addition to paying attention to your own body, keep an eye on your home. You might notice signs of accumulating moisture, such as condensation on the insides of the windows or mold and mildew stains in the bathtub. Foul odors emanating from trash cans, walls, HVAC units, or plumbing drains can also show a lack of fresh air.

You might also notice that one room feels less healthy than the others. This occurs most often in wet areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. You might sneeze or cough when you enter these areas, or perhaps you recognize signs of mold and mildew. Look for increased dust accumulation, as well, which could relate to poor ventilation and airflow.

If you’re worried about the ventilation in your home, we can help. Our trained technicians will inspect your home and recommend the best way to provide fresh air products on the market. Just call Winkelman Heating and Air Conditioning at 806-553-4698.

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