My AC Is Leaking And Damaging My Ceiling!

So, its summer and your air conditioner has been running just fine in this hot Dumas, TX heat. All of a sudden, you notice water damage on your ceiling. Your AC is leaking water all over and it’s causing a fair amount of damage. What happened? When your air conditioner is running it is creating condensation. All that water has to go somewhere. At the time of installation, a drain pan and drain line are usually put in to usher that leaking water out of your house. Sometimes that drain line will become plugged causing the drain pan to fill with water, which could cause it to overflow.

Winkelman Heating & Air Conditioning offers several solutions to help alleviate the issue.  A quick diagnostic of the system will identify the problem and ensure we discuss the right solution with you. Having a drain pan combined with a safety switch and a flood alert is one way to protect your home. We also suggest having your air conditioner maintained regularly, as this will help keep it clean and alert you to any minor issues that could result in big problems.

What do you do?

If you notice that your AC is leaking, turn it off and schedule an appointment with Winkelman Heating & Air Conditioning. We will have one of our professionally trained technicians get you fixed up. Call us at 806-935-6327.


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