Having HVAC Trouble? Try These Things Before Calling Your Tech

HVAC trouble

There could be several reasons that your furnace or air conditioner isn’t working. Before you call in your Borger, Texas, HVAC tech, try these troubleshooting steps to see if you can resolve the issue.

Check the Thermostat

Does the thermostat have power? If it’s battery-powered, replace the batteries and see if that fixes the problem. Next, check that the thermostat is set to the correct heating or cooling mode.

Make Sure the Unit is Getting Power

Turn off your unit’s circuit breaker. Wait for about 10 seconds and then turn it back on. If your unit has fuses instead of a circuit breaker, switch the power off and check for damaged fuses that may need replacement.

See If the Unit Is Blowing Air

First, make sure the unit’s filter is clean. A dirty filter can place pressure on the system.

For your furnace, turn your thermostat to the heating mode and raise the temperature three to five degrees above room temperature. Stand near an open register and wait 30 seconds for heat to come out. If no heat comes out, the problem is likely an internal part.

Follow the same steps for your AC. Turn the thermostat to the cooling mode and lower the temperature by three to five degrees below room temperature. Stand near an open register and wait 30 seconds for the cool air. If nothing happens, check to see if there is water below the air conditioner and if the coils are dirty. 

Look for Obstructions in the Vents and Outdoor Unit

First, make sure the fan is set to “on” at the thermostat, then check to make sure all your registers are open and that both supply and return vents are free from obstruction. Clear any debris or weed growth around the outdoor unit, too.

If none of these basic troubleshooting steps help and the problem persists, you’ll need to get your unit serviced. A malfunctioning unit could be the result of any number of issues, from a refrigerant leak to a damaged motor. Call Winkelman Heating and Air Conditioning for help today at 806-553-4698.

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