Ventilation Techniques That Can Keep Your Home Cooler This Summer

home ventilationProper home ventilation can keep your Texas home cooler this summer. It’s the cheapest way to cool your home without air conditioning and some methods can provide significant savings on your energy bill when used in conjunction with your A/C system. Try some of the following techniques this summer.

Natural Ventilation

If you have windows that open on all sides of your home, you can take advantage of the wind to help cool your home. Known as the “stack” or “chimney effect,” the idea is to create a cross-breeze by opening windows on opposite sides of the home. If you have more than one level in your home, opening windows on the lower-level to pull air into your home, then opening opposing windows on the upper levels will draw the hotter air out and pull the cooler outdoor air into your home.

Electric Fans

Use portable fans when you are in a room to help you keep cool. While they don’t help with the fresh air side of home ventilation, the air they generate will help make you feel cooler. Ceiling fans set to operate counterclockwise will blow air downward and also create a cooling effect. If you are also using A/C, ceiling fans can allow you to set your thermostat several degrees higher, which will result in significant savings over the summer.

Air Ventilators

With a wide variety of styles and sizes, air ventilators offer a multitude of benefits above and beyond their ability to cool. They are designed not only to circulate your air, but also to exhaust hot and contaminated air outside. With a ventilator installed by a professional to match the size and needs of your home, you will have cooler, fresher air in without increasing heating bills in winter.

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