A/C Trouble? Don’t Panic, Try These Simple Fixes

A/C trouble

A/C trouble often hits when temperatures soar. It’s the extra strain that causes problems to develop. If your air conditioner has stopped working properly, try these simple fixes before you call in a professional to take a look.

Condenser Isn’t Running

  • Check the power. Make sure the outdoor condenser/compressor is plugged in. Next, check the breaker box for a tripped circuit.
  • Check the thermostat. Sometimes, an improperly set thermostat causes A/C trouble. Simply lower the temperature by five degrees and make sure the system is calibrated for “cool,” not “heat.”

If these simple fixes don’t work, there could be something wrong with the motor or compressor that requires professional attention.

Insufficient Cooling

  • Lower the temperature. Set the thermostat back five degrees and leave it for an hour to see if your home cools off.
  • Clean the evaporator coil. Carefully vacuum the coil with a brush attachment. Let the A/C run for an hour to see if cleaning the coil made a difference.
  • Change the air filter. A clogged filter can force the system to work harder to provide the same amount of cooling.

You could have an undersized air conditioner if it can’t keep up with your home’s cooling demand. Just remember, when Texas summer days soar over 100 degrees, you might not be able to keep your home at 70 degrees. Always consult a professional before you decide to replace your cooling system.

Air from Supply Registers Feels Warm

  • Check the thermostat. Make sure it’s set to “cool,” not “fan only.”
  • Clean the condenser. The outdoor unit can become clogged with dirt or debris. Hose down the condensing unit and cut back tall foliage growing within 18 inches of it.

A faulty compressor or low refrigerant could also be the reason for this A/C trouble. These problems need a professional repair.

Short Cycling

  • Give the unit a good cleaning. Use the tips listed above to clean the evaporator coil and outdoor condenser.

If a good cleaning doesn’t work, the air conditioner could be oversized. The only way to stop the short cycling is to replace the A/C with a properly sized system.

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