Boost Comfort by Installing Ductless Mini Splits in All the Right Places

ductless minisplits

Ductless mini split air conditioning systems are the perfect solution for homes that don't have a ductwork system in place or if there's a new addition that's not connected to existing ductwork. While today's units are designed to be energy efficient, installing ductless mini splits in the wrong areas can result in poor efficiency and increased repair costs. Although you should hire a professional to install your system, the following information can help you decide where it should be located.

Placement of the Indoor Unit

Since hot air rises and cold air drops, installing the indoor portion of a ductless mini split no lower than eight feet above the floor is ideal for cooling. If the unit is too close to the ceiling, you'll simply be cooling the higher temperature that gathers at the top of your space, while mounting it lower will result in cooling the floor.

Whenever possible, place the unit directly above the main piece of furniture you'll use in each room. For example, in a bedroom, the ideal position would be directly above your bed.

In order for the indoor unit to blend in with your decor, align the unit with other features in the space where it is installed so it will not draw the eye and become a focal point.

Placement of the Outdoor Unit

For maximum cooling efficiency, it's recommended to install the indoor and outdoor units as close to each other as possible. If the refrigerant has to travel through an exceptionally long run of tubing, some of its cooling effect is lost. Most importantly, the outdoor unit should be free from any obstruction and easily accessible for maintenance and repair.

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