Controlling Home Moisture Means Better Temperatures

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When you live in the Texas Panhandle, you don’t have to worry about the excessive humidity faced by the southeastern portion of the state. However, the dry climate still has profound effects on many aspects of your life, including the temperature and comfort of your home. Without attention to detail, the humidity can adversely affect your living conditions and well-being. Here are just a few ways that humidity impacts the temperature of homes in Morse, and how to improve it for more relaxed living.

Keeping Warm

In the winter, the Panhandle can drop to below freezing temperatures, while the dry air makes it seem less cold outside. Humidity plays a huge role in how warm and comfortable your home is during this season. When humidity is at its optimal level – between 30 to 50 percent – it’s able to hold more heat, leaving you cozy in the process.

Staying Cool

Like the winter air, your home’s summer temperature is adversely affected by humidity. If you fail to control the humidity of your home, the higher humidity holds more moisture and heat, making your air conditioner run non-stop to offset the impact of the added heat.

Improving Your Home’s Humidity

To give your home the proper humidity and to provide an adequate temperature year-round, you can choose between several avenues. One of these options is to buy a home humidifier, which connects straight to your current HVAC system. This helps regulate humidity, regardless of whether you’re running the furnace or the air conditioner.

Another way to increase the humidity in your home is to prevent dry outside air from entering. To do this, make certain that all doors and windows have proper weather stripping, and that all ducts are caulked and sealed.

Now that you understand the effects of humidity on temperature in your home, it’s time to do something about it. If you’re serious about improving your home temperature, give the pros at Winkelman Heating and Air Conditioning a call at 806-553-4698.

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