Finding Your Ideal Humidity

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The humidity levels here in Morse, Texas, are higher than the national average throughout much of the year, but the summertime tends to be the most humid. Humidity plays a major role in overall comfort, and proper levels can help reduce certain health symptoms. Managing the ideal humidity in your home can be a tough task, especially during the summer months, but it may make a big difference in how you feel.

Risks of Low Humidity

The ideal indoor air moisture level is between 30 and 50 percent. When the level is lower than 30 percent, unpleasant health symptoms start to pop up. These include dry eyes, skin irritation, headaches, sore throats, and pain when wearing contact lenses. You might wake up with congestion and pain in your throat from breathing the dry air all night. It’s also common to have more electrical shocks, especially when you touch light switches or sockets.  

Risks of High Humidity

When the moisture level in your home is too high, you may notice a muggy, unpleasant feeling that causes the air to feel thick and hard to breathe. Your central air conditioner plays a role in maintaining the right humidity level, especially when it’s very humid outside. Excess humidity can also cause mold growth and damage to your electrical devices and other possessions.

Leveling Out the Humidity

If it’s extra-humid outside, be vigilant in keeping your doors and windows closed to keep the moisture outdoors. Use your central air conditioner as much as possible to remove excess humidity and make sure to change the filters at least once every month or two. A dehumidifier can help if your central air conditioning system isn’t able to keep up with removing the moisture.

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