How Proper Ventilation Improves Energy Efficiency

proper ventilation improves energy efficiency

When they’re working on energy efficiency, many homeowners get so focused on air sealing that they forget to address proper ventilation. Ventilation is just as important to your efficiency and air quality as sealing leaks. Keep your Texas home comfortable in all seasons with the following ventilation strategies.

Attic Ventilation

You hear a lot of about attic insulation, but ventilation is equally important in this area. Proper insulation along the bottom of the attic will keep warm air and humidity confined to the living space below. Meanwhile, an attic vent in the upper portion of this space will allow cool air to circulate. Allowing a small amount of cold air to enter the attic will prevent ice dams on the roof. These occur when snow melts too quickly on a warm roof but freezes again at the edge, potentially damaging the roof.

In summer, ventilation helps hot, humid air escape your attic. This will naturally prevent mold, mildew, and rot in the space.

Spot Ventilation

Spot ventilation typically comes in the form of an exhaust fan. This ventilation is important in areas with a lot of moisture, such as the bathroom or kitchen. In these areas, ventilation will allow excess humidity to escape the home. If you don’t have proper ventilation in these areas, the hot, damp atmosphere will encourage mold and mildew growth.

Whole-House Ventilation

Whole-house ventilation is ideal for homes that are exceptionally well sealed. While sealing the home prevents heating or cooling from escaping, it also makes it impossible for indoor air pollutants to escape. A whole-house ventilation system provides controlled ventilation using fans and duct systems to vent indoor air to the outside and pull fresh air in. Exhaust ventilation systems depressurize the house, while supply ventilation systems work at pressurizing the space.

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