Top Four Reasons to Have a Humidifier in Your Home

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Using a humidifier during the dry months of the year in Texas helps improve your life and your home. Humidity typically drops during the winter months to levels below the ideal 30 to 40 percent. By installing a central humidifier or portable humidifier, it restores the moisture you need to keep your home beautiful and breathe easy.

Improved Health

Installing a humidifier improves your overall health. When the air is dry, it makes it harder to breathe, and humidifiers lessen this impact. They also help prevent nosebleeds due to dry air and keep nasal passages lubricated to help alleviate colds or the flu. Asthma sufferers, individuals with bronchitis, and those with allergies also have lessened impacts from their ailments in higher humidity. If you’re feeling under the weather, adding a little tea tree oil into the humidifier’s water tank helps expel mucus from the body, helping the body heal quicker.

Preserving Wood

If you have wood in your house — be it floors, baseboards, or furniture — moisture is the key ingredient to its beauty. If the air gets too dry, the wood starts to crack and loses its luster. Providing a bit of moisture through a humidifier helps keep wood looking its finest.

No More Snoring

Snoring is a symptom of low humidity in the home. During the evening, the throat dries out, causing the snoring sound you hear from your partner. Introducing more humidity into your home keeps the throat moist, and thus, keeps the snoring to a minimum.


You don’t have to be vain to want to look good. With a humidifier, the human skin retains more moisture, leading to less cracking and a more youthful appearance. In addition, your eyes stay wet, reducing redness, and your lips stay moist, which prevents chapping and peeling.

Adding a humidifier to your home gives you a wealth of benefits, so there’s no reason not to consider one in the near future. Contact the pros at Winkelman Heating and Air Conditioning today by visiting their website or calling 806-553-4698. They’ll provide you with the helpful advice you need about humidifiers.

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