How Indoor Air Quality and Your HVAC System Work Together

Your HVAC system keeps your Dumas home warm or cool, but it also contributes to another element of residential comfort: indoor air quality, or IAQ. To maintain high indoor air quality, keep your furnace, air conditioner or heat pump in good repair and free from contaminants. Here is some information on how indoor air quality affects the HVAC system.

HVAC Systems and Indoor Air Quality

HVAC systems are large air circulation networks. Your HVAC unit produces warm or cool air, which is then directed into ductwork by a powerful fan. The air exits from vents and heats or cools your home. Air is then brought back to the unit via return registers and ducts, where it is filtered, heated or cooled, and distributed again.

The Need for a Healthy HVAC System

  • Poor IAQ with large amounts of airborne particulates will cause the HVAC system’s air filters to get dirty quicker. Dirty filters slow airflow, and will let particulates back into the airflow if they break loose from the filter medium. Dirty filters also can lead to damage of your HVAC equipment if the airflow is blocked or restricted.
  • Internal components of the HVAC system must be cleaned. Excessive amounts of particulates in the air can settle on HVAC system components, reducing overall system effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Ductwork systems should be clean and sealed. Poor IAQ can cause dirt, mold, pollen, fibers and other material to accumulate in your ductwork system, blocking airflow or increasing the amount of airborne contamination. Loose ductwork with broken seals can pull in contaminants and re-circulate them into your home.
  • Duct insulation could contribute to IAQ problem.: Interior ductwork insulation made of fiberglass or fiberboard could contribute particulates to indoor air. If these types of insulation get wet, they could become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

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