Why You Need Good Insulation Year-Round

Insulate Your Home

There are many benefits to having proper insulation in your Cactus, Texas, home, no matter the weather. Proper home insulation makes your home more comfortable, reduces your energy bills, and reduces your environmental impact.

Types of Home Insulation

Many homes have insulation batting lining the walls, ceilings, and attic floor. Batts are large, long pieces of insulation made from fiberglass, minerals, or other fibers. Batting isn’t as efficient as other insulation because it’s hard to cut the pieces to fit snugly around pipes, wiring, ducts, and stud boards.

Blown insulation made from cellulose, minerals, or fiberglass gets blown into enclosed walls, unfinished attics, and other areas that are difficult to insulate. Blown insulation provides a smooth blanket of insulation that completely fills in gaps and crevices for a superior seal.

Spray insulation made from cement or various chemicals works well in existing walls, new wall holes, and attic floors. Spray insulation adheres to attic ceilings and walls easily, making it a more versatile option. For homes with ductwork or HVAC components in the attic or an unsealed crawl space, spray insulation is a good choice.

Reasons to Have Proper Insulation

Many homes in the U.S. are under-insulated. Industry standards were not the same 10 or 20-plus years ago. Most older homes could use an insulation boost or at least a checkup.

If your home is uncomfortably cool in the winter or warm in the summer, your insulation may be the problem. Have an energy assessment done to see where your insulation is lacking.

High energy bills are an issue many homeowners face. With proper insulation in the right places, you can cut your energy expenses.

Adequate insulation helps reduce noise inside your home, too. Keep obnoxious noises out and insulate from indoor noise at the same time.

Proper insulation helps the earth since you’ll use less electricity and fossil fuels for your heating and cooling system.

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